4 Beauty Tips For Hair That Every Woman Should Knows
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4 Beauty Tips For Hair That Every Woman Should Knows

Cold winter have faded away and spring is coming. In such warm and sunshiny season, we all loves to take a trip with our friend. Before going out, we always dressed up ourselves to look prettier. We switch to lighter makeup, beautiful dresses, nails, but sometime ignore our hair. In fact, head of beautiful hair will make you look amazing! If you want to learn how to keep your hair perfect, check out this post!

# 1 Choose The Right Hair Extension
For those girls who were not so lucky enough to have long and beautiful hair, hair extension is the best solution because it is healthy and don’t cause any breakage of the real hair. With good quality hair extension, you can rock your style as your desire. Malaysian Weave and Peruvian Hair Bundles are exactly the right hair!

# 2 Co-Wash It With Gentle Shampoo
After getting our lovely hair weave, we are of course co-washing it first. Hair weave is not your real hair, using gentle shampoo can prevent from damaging it cuticle.

# 3 Condition Your Weave Twice a Week
A weave that with frequency condition and a weave that not are totally different. Use coconut oil to condition the weave, then it will keep shiny and smooth like the real hair.


# 4 Air Dry The Weave
It is well known that hair weave are easier to get breakage than our real hair. When we using hair dryer to dry it us, it will get tangle and shed quickly. If you want to have your weave last long, let it air dry.

For prettier and more attractive, do it start from details! Keep this 4 simple tips in mind to protect your hair away from outside damage to some extent.


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