5 Unexpected Christmas Gift That Will Totally Wow You A Lot
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5 Unexpected Christmas Gift That Will Totally Wow You A Lot

Christmas is almost there! If you are hesitating on how to choose gift for your friends or families, check out this post! I will introduce you 5 amazing cool gift that you have ever never came in mind before! 



❤ 1 Handmade Towel

There are 3 types in choosing, Snow Towel, Santa Towel, and Christmas Tree Towel. The price is not expensive at all, $15-19 for one type. 


❤ 2 Little Fox Toy

This little fox is a character of movie The Little Prin-ce so that I will say it is really a perfect gift for little girls or little boys.


❤ 3 Hair Weave

Hair weave is an open secret for black women. Many of them will use virgin human hair to get their dreamy hair locks. If you have a friend or mate who in color, Peruvian hair bundles are the most unexpected gift for surely.



❤ 4 Cool Eyeglasses Frame

That's so cool! No one could say no to this unique gift especially for women!


❤ 5 Middle Finger Candle

It won't produce any chemical smell but only a little steam, so it is absolutely no harmful to people. 


I have presented you 5 amazing gifts for you. Which one do you want to get in Christmas or which one do you want to gift you friends or families?

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